ORDIF is a non-profit association founded in 1992 by Ile-de-France Regional Council and the State.

It brings together most of the regional waste stakeholders (local authorities, private companies, NGOs, representatives of waste producers…) and has 3 main missions:

     - monitoring waste prevention and waste management in Ile-de-France Region,

     - disseminating waste-related information to its members and to regional stakeholders,

     - promoting exchanges among its members by organizing frequent conferences about the main challenges linked to waste management.


In order to produce indicators that are accepted by all the regional stakeholders, ORDIF brings together its members in several working groups in charge of the validation of methods, analysis and results issued by the Observatory.

The indicators are then used notably for the monitoring of regional waste strategies. ORDIF notably produces indicators to monitor Paris Region waste management plans.

It also takes part to the various working groups led by Paris Region such as the Regional Strategy for Anaerobic Digestion.

ORDIF has an extensive knowledge of biowaste waste management schemes both for local collection schemes and treatment units, cost and environmental impact as well as a good overview of the territory’s strength and weaknesses.

Its network of members allows ORDIF to easily bring together the various stakeholders of biowaste management so that they can provide their input for the project’s working groups and take advantages of the outputs.

Website:  www.ordif.com