The research group at the Power Engineering and Energy Management Chair (PEEMC), Department of Energy, Power Engineering and Environment on the UNIZAG FSB is a leading group in sustainable development of power supply, covering the following main areas: power plants technologies, optimization and control, cogeneration technology and optimization, energy management and energy efficiency, energy policies and energy planning, integrated environmental studies, renewable energy sources, sustainability, energy related climate change, capacity building in energy and environment, and promotion of energy technologies, among others.

PEEMC will contribute with its expertise in renewable energy technologies, framework strategies to breakdown existing barriers to the uptake of biogas, energy calculations and techno-economic assessments.

Through our work and projects we have been dealing with techno-economic calculations of implementing RES technologies and transferring the knowledge to the target groups. Also Power Engineering and Energy Management Chair have a lot of experience in teaching and dissemination area including workshops and conferences.


Website: www.fsb.hr