Malaga is a municipality, capital of the province of Malaga, in Andalucía. With a population of 566,913 in 2014, it is the second most populous city of Andalusia and the sixth largest in Spain. The most important business sectors in Malaga is tourism, following by construction and technology services, but other sectors such as transportation and logistics are beginning to expand.

LIMASA is the company responsible for the management of MSW in Malaga with the following peculiarities:

• Large city (nearly 600,000 residents),

• Large floating population (tourism),

• Large events (fair, Easter, Christmas),

• Many different areas (streets, beaches, parks);

For the processes of treatment, recovery and disposal, LIMASA has an environmental center called “LOS RUICES”, opened in 1994 and covering an area of 3,200 km2. The Environmental Center "Los Ruices" has a MSW landfill closed in 2011 and another in operation, which eliminates approximately 350,000 tons / year of waste. Every day, are deposited in the landfill about 1,000 tons of non-hazardous waste. To extract the biogas generated,

Los Ruices has an extensive network composed of 120 biogas capture wells, a network of piping for transporting the biogas and a central for extracting the biogas generated (approx. 3.500.000 m3 biogas/year). This landfill biogas collected is used as fuel for electricity production in three motor generators that provide a combined installed electrical capacity 3 MWel. The excess of biogas is burned in a flare according to legal requirements.

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