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Bin2Grid - Turning unexploited food waste into biomethane supplied through local filling stations network

The Bin2Grid project is promoting segregated collection of food waste from specific and various waste producers (food and beverage industry, catering, residential) in order to produce biofuel (biomethane) and its usage through local filling stations network.

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Public procurement in the waste sector

Innovation is a key driver for the improvement of resource efficiency for cities and regions. To foster innovation and leverage the market public authorities have one powerful tool: public procurement of innovation.

After almost 3 years of work, the PPI4Waste project is ready to share the main findings of all the research and activities implemented during the project's lifetime to help increase the uptake of innovative waste solutions!

Entitled "Feedback and opportunities for public procurement of innovation in the waste sector", PPI4Waste project's final conference will take place on 12 September 2017 in Brussels (Belgium).

This one day event will be divided into two sessions. The first one will present the main findings of the PPI4Waste project and how public procurement of innovation (PPI) can be experimented and stimulated in the field of waste management. It will be followed by a session exploring synergies between procurers and projects on innovative solutions.

More information will soon be published on www.ppi4waste.eu,
but we already invite you to save the date!