Zagreb Holding (ZCH) was founded in 2007 and is in 100 percent ownership of the City of Zagreb. It consists of 15 branches which perform the work of the former city enterprises, with a total of about 12,000 employees.

The work of the Company is organized in three business areas: municipal, transport and market functions. Through our involvement in different fields of work we are able to broaden our ties with the community, build better links between people, their knowledge, time and experience.

ZCH has a central public procurement office and annual purchasing volume worth of around €100mil. Task of ZCH is the effective and long-term execution of municipal tasks, with maximum protection of the environment and the public interests of the local community. In the course of this work, particular attention is paid to continuous raising the satisfaction of beneficiaries of the Company’s services and employees, which is the key to future business development.

Having in mind that the Republic of Croatia has become full member of the EU, ZCH is well aware of the responsibility to impose and to adopt the EU standards in any field of work. The subjects that most occupy our attention are the issues related to the environmental protection and waste management.

All of the operational activities regarding the waste management within the City of Zagreb are being done by ZCH branch for waste management (Čistoća) which is in charge of the collection of all different kinds of waste. In that sense, sustainable waste management is one of the priorities especially having in mind that still the largest portion of the municipal solid waste is still being landfilled.

Therefore, our obligation in the field of waste management is to invest in the technologies and infrastructure that will be used in order to satisfy and fulfill EU standards (increase the recycling rates of the waste, decrease the amount of biodegradable waste that is being landfilled, etc.).