IAT (Terminated in 2017)


The Andalusian Institute of Technology (IAT) is a Technology Center of "Engineering and Knowledge Management". IAT was founded in 1989 as a private foundation and it is located in the south of Spain (Seville and Malaga), Mexico (Guadalajara) and Chile (Antofagasta).

IAT generates its own technology through R & D research and providing knowledge-intensive services (SIC) with high added value, all oriented and integrated in accordance with their strategic plans. After more than 25 years and with 130 employees, IAT is today a specialized organization and its structures have been adapted to the new demands, satisfying the needs and expectations of its stakeholders (employers, customers, people in the organization, employees and social environment).

IAT philosophy is a “Firm commitment to innovation and sustainable development” and its mission is “To work closely with companies and institutions which improves their end results, by providing Value through innovative and sustainable solutions”. As intermediating Agent, IAT collaborates effectively with key entities within the Innovation Systems.

Website: www.iat.es