In EU around 90 mil tons of food waste is produced annually, or around 180 kg/person. While usage of food waste for biogas production is renewable resource of energy, still 40% of biowaste in EU goes to landfills, and in some Member States almost completely.

Estimation is that about one-third of Europe`s 2020 targets for renewable energy in transport could be met by using biogas produced from biowaste, and around 2% of the EU`s overall renewable energy target could be met if all biowaste is turned into energy.

Promotion of segregated food waste collection from specific and various waste producers (food and beverage industry, catering, residential) in order to produce biofuel (biomethane) and usage through local filling stations network.

Concept implementation for the target cities is based on different events, including workshops, foodwaste working group meetings and study tours.