Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, a city located in the heart of the Balkan Penisula, at the crossroad of vital communications, a city with a 2000 years old tradition. Skopje covers 1818 square kilometers, 23 kilometers in length, 9 kilometers in width and located at an average altitude of 245 meters. The coordinates of the city are: North latitude 42º 00' and East longitude 21º 26’.

City of Skopje has great history roots. It has been inhabited since at least 3500 BC. Skopje today according to the latest official census in 2002, has 506.926 inhabitants but the real number, including the wider city area, is above 600 000 inhabitants. As the largest city and the capital of the state, Skopje is political, administrative, economic, cultural and educational center. Despite the turbulent history of the Balkans, Skopje has blossomed into a thriving, stimulating city to explore, defining itself as superb tourist destination.

The vision of the City of Skopje is its citizens to live in developing, economic, social, environmental and energy efficient city. In 2010 Skopje became part of the initiative of Mayors Agreement (Covenant of Mayors), and in 2011 the Council adopted the Action Plan for sustainable energy development of the City of Skopje (EAPC) and has committed to implement measures and activities to reduce CO2 by more than 20% for the period 2008-2020. To achieve the goal of 20% City of Skopje also adopted Waste Management Plan 2010-1015, Local Ecological Action Plan 2, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and Study to determine the potentials and possibilities of using renewable energy sources in City of Skopje.

Waste management, landfill management, waste collection and disposal and energy efficiency are issues for which City of Skopje is responsible. City of Skopje had established Public Enterprise “Komunalna higiena” – Skopje to collect, transfer and process municipal solid and technological waste produced by the population and the industry and landfill Drisla - Skopje DOO on which waste is disposed.

Skopje is a city open for cooperation and creation of partnerships and networks that offers opportunities to realize goals that will contribute to the improvement of citizens' lives. One of the projects is Bin2Grid which realization will improve knowledge related to energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources particular food waste seen as fuel.

Website: City of Skopje