JSP is a public transport company in the City of Skopje owned by the local government. It’s established in 1948. It operates 85 urban and suburban lines. The bus public transport is the only available mode of transport in Skopje. JSP SKOPJE has a total of 1300 employees, two depots and fleet of 440 buses, of which in daily operation are 280 buses. JSP is the largest consumer of fuel in the category of transporters in Republic of Macedonia and at the same time public transport vehicles have been seen by the general public as big polluters of the air in the city. Until 2006 there were no any kind of activities, to reduce harmful emissions from exhaust, how will give significant contribution to protection of the environment.

Conversion to an alternative fuel, in CNG, was practical solution, not only to reduce the air pollution, but also to reduce the cost of operation by reducing the cost for fuel. The needs for reduction of harmful emissions, as well as care to protect the environment, is a top priority for EU and for the Republic of Macedonia too, as well as for JSP. JSP has annual consumption of over 6,000,000 liters of fossil fuel. At the beginning of 2006 there are put in to exploitation 30 vehicles, adopted to work on combination of diesel and natural gas.

Although it was a small number of vehicles, at that time it was the first step of JSP in reducing harmful exhaust emission and savings of diesel fuel in public transport. Apart from these 30 vehicles, JSP retrofitted 12 vehicles to CNG in 2010. At JSP is located the first gas filling station in Republic of Macedonia, where retrofitted vehicles are filled with gas.

Website: JSP Skopje